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Open-Source Gateway System Alternative for Hostings

Paymenter is an open source webshop solution for hosting companies. It's developed to provide an more easy way to manage your hosting company.

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Intergrated With: Pterodactyl stripe paypal and more...

Hosting Billing of the Future

Paymenter is a webshop solution for hosting companies. It has many features to make your hosting company more professional and easier to manage.

Time Saving

Save time with automated billing and service activation and suspession.

Fast Loading

Programmed with the latest technologies for the fastest loading speed.

Highly Secure

With advanced protection systems, your data is safe with Paymenter.

Fully Customizable

Without programming skills, you can make Paymenter completely match to your branding.

User Friendly

With a dedicated team for making the user experience useable for anyone.

Free & Open Source

Open source and free to use, so you can invest your budget in the things that really matter.


Paymenter is made for large and small scale, and is made so it can handle any amount of users.

SEO Optimized

Easily improve your search result with the advanced SEO options.

And so much more!

Start using Paymenter for free today and experience all the advantages.