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Paymenter is an open source gateway for hosting companies. Paymenter is developed to provide an more easy way to manage your hosting company with many advanced features and addons. The project is still in development and we are working hard to make it better every day.

Paymenter aims to be a complete solution for hosting companies. We are working on a lot of features and we are always open for suggestions.

And many more, browse our marketplace for more extensions. Or use the in-app extension manager to install extensions.

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We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting us. If you want to sponsor us, please go to our Github Sponsors page.

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Get Paymenter as PaaS

You can get Paymenter as a PaaS (Paymenter as a Service) from We provide one package for now which has a monthly price of $5.00. This package includes unlimited resources needed for Paymenter

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