ProxmoxVE is an open source enterprise ready virtualization platform based on Debian 12 (8.0) featuring KVM virtualization and Linux Containers (LXC) including many features out of the box. Download:

How to create an API key

If you want to use Proxmox with Paymenter you will need to create an API key. This can be done step by step.

Step 1: Head to your Proxmox web based interface (GUI) https://yourserver:8006/ – change the port if you are using other than default which is 8006

Step 2: Click on “Datacenter” then scroll down until you see “API Tokens” under “Permissions”


Step 3: Create an API Token. To do this, click on “API Tokens” then “Add”. You will see this page: image

Fill up the name and token ID with your desired information. ! Disable the " privilege separation " option, otherwise Paymenter cannot find disk and so on ! Example: image

Click on " Add " . A new window will appear. Copy both of the contents and save them to a safe place example to your desktop. image

How to setup Proxmox extension in Paymenter

To set-up Proxmox extension in Paymenter you will need to have a Proxmox installation and completed the above listed steps. Otherwise head back to “How to create an API key” If you already have a Proxmox installation:

Step 1: Head to your Paymenter web page - http://your-paymenter-installation /// https://your-paymenter-installation

Step 2: Set-up Proxmox extension:

  • Log in to your Admin account
  • Click on … then Extensions image

Step 3: Find extension named Proxmox then click on Edit

Step 4: Fill up the page with the required information image Click on Save.

How to configure a product with Proxmox

Step 1: Login to your admin account then head to your admin dashboard. Click on Products image

Step 2: You will see a dropdown, select Add products

Step 3: Fill up the product form with your desired information

Step 4: Click on extensions page then select Proxmox and click on Update Server image

Step 5: A new window will appear, this look like this: image

Step 6: Fill up everything with your desired information and change whatever you want.

Congratulations! You have been succesfully set-up Proxmox extension!