Stripe is a payment gateway that allows you to accept many different payment methods. It is a very popular payment gateway and is used by many companies.


Setup with Paymenter

1. Create a API key in Stripe

Go to the Stripe dashboard and reveal your secret key. Copy the key and insert it in the Paymenter admin panel.


2. Configure stripe webhook

Go to the Developers tab –> Webhooks and click “Add endpoint”.
In the Endpoint URL field, type ENTER YOUR PANEL URL HERE/extensions/stripe/webhook

It should look about like this: image

Then click “Select events” and select all of them, after doing this you can click “Add endpoint”

After doing this you will see the webhook information page, under “Signing secret” there will be a “Reveal” button, click it and copy the webhook secret, then paste it into the Paymenter panel


That’s all!

You can now use Stripe as a payment gateway for your products.